Forth St. Paul’s Church came into existence in 1974 and truly represents all the villages around.
Forth Church was built in 1875 using local stone quarried from Hailstone Green. It was joined to the Parish of Carnwath. It was disjoined from Carnwath Parish Church on 14th March 1881.


The Church at Climpy was united with Forth Church.

St Paul’s Church Wilsontown was built  in 1870 with funds being provided by the people of Wilsontown, Forth and district. The Manse was built beside the church by Mr Gavin Paul whose daughter was married to the minister Rev. John Bain.


Haywood Church was linked to St. Paul’s Church Wilsontown.

Braehead Church was a United Free Church and was united with Forth (wee kirk) and Wilsontown in 1919.

On 7th November 1974 the Churches of Forth and Wilsontown were joined and the united congregation was called: Forth St. Paul’s Parish Church.

So Forth St. Paul's Parish Church has united all the villages around Forth - 'Your Village, Your Church'.

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Rev.Mike Fucella is the Interim Moderator at Forth St. Paul’s Church

Forth St Paul`s Parish Church,  Main Street, Forth, Lanark, ML11 8AA

Forth St Paul`s Parish Church ( Church of Scotland ) Charity No. SCO03080  Congregation No. 130713

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