Mission Partner: Rev John McCulloch

John McCulloch grew up in France, Spain and Scotland, and then lived in Bolivia for a year, where he worked for a project that helped street children. Prior to training for ministry of Word & Sacrament in The Church of Scotland, John was Head of Hispanic Studies at Glasgow University, where he lectured on Hispanic literature, history, politics and Continental Philosophy.

He left his academic career to respond to the call into ministry, completing his theological degree at Highland Theological College. He did his ministry placements in Govan & Linthouse, Bearsden, St Andrews Jerusalem and his probationary period in the parishes of Lochgoilhead & Kilmorich l/w Strachur & Strathlachlan in rural Argyll. During his ministry training he spent some time in Central America, studying contextual theology with The Global Institute of Theology (World Communion of Reformed Churches). 

His background in Hispanic Studies and the time he spent in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Bolivia brought John into direct contact with Latin American Liberation Theology, which has shaped his theological outlook. He is looking forward to drawing on this experience to the challenging context of Israel Palestine, where he has been coming and going in various capacities over the last three years.

John is married to Annette McCulloch, who is a GP with considerable experience in the field of refugee medicine and emergency care, and she hopes to be able to use some of her skills in the context of Israel /Palestine and the wider region.

John has four children, Esther, Anna, Joseph and David.

rev j mcculloch

Our church recently accepted an invitation to have a ‘Mission Partner’ through the Church of Scotland’s World Mission Partner Plan.

Our mission partner is Rev John McCulloch who started work as minister of St Andrew’s Church of Scotland in Jerusalem earlier this year

Mission Partner : Rev Kate McDonald

To Read his Latest Very Moving Newsletter from John McCulloch Jun 2021 
please click the link ( pdf reader required)
   General Link to all Newsletters from John.



The Minister, the Reverend Kate McDonald, took up the post in November 2015. Before
moving to Tiberias, Kate worked as Assistant Curate at Old Saint Paul’s Scottish Episcopal Church in Edinburgh.

 Please read Kate`s blogs about ministry and life in this land Palestine and Israel   : General Link   to all Newsletters from Kate

Kate has a pastoral role with staff and Christian visitors at the Scots Hotel and elsewhere. And she actively works alongside and supports local Christians and Christian groupings

In particular working with the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Both these Churches have formal partnership agreements with the Church of Scotland.

Kate blogs about ministry and life in this land at imaginationofpeace.com.

Kate serves in the local congregation of St Andrew’s Galilee, works as chaplain to the staff at the Scots Hotel and walks alongside the local Christian congregations and our partners in the northern areas of Israel and Palestine.

 Mission Partner: Jenny Featherstone

Jenny serves in Choma with the United Church of Zambia. She is working to develop a pilot citizens advice organisation that will eventually be rolled out throughout the whole church, as well as developing a scheme to support people with chronic alcohol problems based on the 12 steps model and training volunteers to run it. This is an ecumenical appointment with the Methodist church.


Jenny Featherstone is a joint Mission Partner with The Methodist Church and the Church of Scotland, currently serving at the Chodort Training Centre in Choma, where she is Principal..

To Read her latest update, please click the link Jenny Featherstone   ( pdf reader required)

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